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The team

  • Perform reconciliation of balance sheet accounts including Fund Balance with Treasury Account (SF 6653 and SF 6652)  and NFC Payroll.      
  • Review and adjust unliquidated obligations to reflect proper obligated and unobligated balances in the accounting records. 

  • Review and analyze contract and grant files and prepare the necessary documentation to closeout vendor and grantee agreements when necessary.  
  • Perform monthly reconciliations/reviews of budgetary vs. proprietary account relationships; determine differences and prepare adjusting entries.

  • Perform reconciliations of subsidiary accounts vs. general ledger control account and prepare adjusting entries as necessary. 

  • Analyze and reconcile FACTS II edit check errors.

  • Reconcile property and equipment accounts to ensure that property transactions are properly recorded as capitalized assets or expensed in the general ledger.

  • Analyze apportionments/allotments records to ensure proper funds control.

  • Reconcile the Statement of Budgetary Resources to the SF133 and the Programming & Financing Statement.  Differences are reported to management and disclosed in the footnotes  that support the financial statements.

  • Review reimbursable records to determine the propriety of accounts receivable, deferred revenue, unfilled customer orders, and anticipated authority.Coordinate with program and budget offices to ensure that customer records are adjusted in a timely manner. 
  • Perform monthly relationship analysis for general ledger budgetary and proprietary accounts that are impacted by reimbursable transactions. Such as proprietary accounts receivable vs. budgetary reimbursements earned, and  proprietary deferred revenue vs. budgetary unfilled customer orders (with advance).